“I was pleased with the work Abdul did in my routine maintenance, but completely unsatisfied with his after-job cleanup. I am unable to manage the ladder into my attic so I pay for this service. I was able to lower the ladder for Abdul. When he was done, he asked if I had a hose so he could wash off his boots as the yard was a bit muddy. After he was gone, I discovered: (1) he had made a half-hearted attempt to raise the ladder, but left it for me to try to do; (2) he did not return the hose to the garage where he had gotten it; (3) he left the hose so tight I can't undo it even with a wrench. Since I live in a community with a strong HOA, this left me open for a violation with the HOA. I like Arise's work, but leaving the job this way was unacceptable and not what I pay for.”

-L T.
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